The Rate Cut Is Here: How Much Has It Earned You?

The recent rate cut is finally being passed on by lenders and your home loan rate could now be as low as  2.25%. It’s easy to gloss over financial news, but if you have a home loan, that’s money in your pocket. It could be a lot of money, depending on your current circumstances.

The big banks don’t think they have to pass this saving to you though. They count on their customers to skip boring headlines about the reserve bank and miss the news.

Even if you’re on a variable rate, have you checked lately that it’s keeping up with the best deals? Swapping lenders, or refinancing, is as easy as applying for a cheaper loan, then swapping out your old loan.

You could save thousands each month for your family, get free of your mortgage years earlier or boost up your super.

What can you save with the latest rate cuts? Find your new best rate in 2 minutes.

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