Top Ten things you hate about buying property in Sydney

It’s a world of pain out there! We talked to hundreds of home buyers, property investors and some realestate agents too (they also buy property!). These are their top ten hates. Please let us know if you think we have it wrong!

Number 10: Driving round every Saturday looking at properties that don’t resemble the ads and photos


Number 9: Trying to assess properties at crowded open for inspections


Number 8: Hours or research investigating dozens of possible properties/difficulty finding the information you need


Number 7: Realestate websites that won’t let you filter out irrelevant properties 


Number 6: Agents not getting back to you (do they think you can’t afford it? Have they already sold it? Are they messing with your head!?)


Number 5: Agents not revealing that a deposit has already been taken on a property (keeping you on the hook till contracts have been exchanged)


Number 4: Paying for property inspections and then being outbid by ridiculous amounts more than what the agent quoted


Number 3: Auctions – everything about them (this deserves a list in itself!)


Number 2: Being sure you’re paying too much and equally sure you can’t afford not to buy something!


Number 1:  Not being able to tell your friends and family about a great property you’ve looking at in case they beat you to it (yes, it really happens!)


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