Five reasons Sydney Mega Councils might improve your life

With so many councils trying to block the NSW Government’s push for amalgamation and claiming mega councils will be the end of local democracy,  we thought we would look at the contrary position.  Here are five reasons mega councils could improve things for most citizens.

1. Lower rates 
Consolidating staff and  service infrastructure will reduce operating costs which should flow through to lower rates.


2. Improved service

Mega councils are able to invest in improved systems, more professional management and more skilled specialist staff.


3. Breakthroughs in electronic service delivery

Mega councils will find it easier to implement up-to-date integrated information and customer service systems.  The digital revolution removes the need  to duplicate council administrative offices as  small customer service branches can be supported remotely from a single administrative hub.   Today, there is also less need for face-to-face services as many council functions can be delivered remotely via web interfaces.  For example, imagine being able instantly to view all current planning applications affecting your property and neighbourhood or being able to search an address and see exactly what development is permitted.  Not hard to do technically, but too hard for our current small councils.

4. Better strategic planning

Australian cities have to adapt to the faster past of growth and innovation in today’s society and that demands long term vision and effective execution. 

Right now, every small council has its own view of the world and may not wish to collaborate with its neighbours or State Government regarding strategic infrastructure provision and growth planning. This is holding everyone back. Related to this is the opportunity to create more functional administrative boundaries for the new councils. 


5 Better neighbourhoods

Reduction in conflict over strategic planning will enable more effective action at the local neighbourhood level.  Better cities and better regions are made up of better streets. A well implemented mega council should provide for local precincts and local consultation while having more capability to take a big picture view,  resolve conflicts and move forward.


Vulnerability to transport stress in Sydney in the absence of more efficient infrastructure.