Analysis Reveals which Australian Chinese Stereotypes are Actually True

With ever increasing amounts of Chinese expats calling Australia home, we look to our extensive suburb and property data for insight. Stereotypes abound, but can you sort the factual from the phoney?  We’ve looked at Australia’s 55,000 microburbs and done the numbers. Microburbs are smaller areas that make up a suburb, each with about 400 people. By […]

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Negative Gearing: Be Patient, Don’t Muck With It


What will the impact be on the property market if the proposed changes by Labour go ahead to abolish negative gearing on old properties? What will life be like for investors? How will it affect first home buyers? Jeremy Sheppard from DSR Data walks us through the winners and losers. Supply and demand In a free […]

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New Maps for Crime, Zoning and Mobile Coverage

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 5.24.38 pm

This week on Microburbs we’ve rolled out several new features to make our free reports even better. The Tranquility panel now maps local land use by colour, showing nearby industrial and commercial zones, which may affect the area. The data tracks each individual building; even finer than the usual microburb level. On our communications panel […]

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Mind The Affordability Gap

Melbourne Rent Train Map

Come and get taken for a ride on the big city rental markets. This service goes from the city to Whoop Whoop. First stop Exorbitant, then Expensive, Overpriced, and all stations to Whoop Whoop. Please keep your aspirations inside the carriage at all times. Although drawn from share-house data, these maps from clearly show […]

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realAs Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.55.47 pm

realAs predicts property prices to beat underquoting and unrealistic guide prices from agents.  Backed by a sophisticated algorithm developed at RMIT, realAs predictions are within 5% of the sale price on average, including auctions as well as private sales. Almost 9 out of 10 of realAs predictions are just 10% off the final home selling […]

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Australia’s Most Diverse Dining Suburbs: Report Released

Lao Village, Fairfield - Image credit Grab Your Fork

Microburbs today released its cuisine diversity index, ranking Australian suburbs on the uniqueness of their dining options. What would cultured urban life be without a new cuisine to try every night? Most major suburbs have a pizza place, a Chinese and a Thai but how many have a Belgian, a Persian and a Moroccan? The […]

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How Many Mass Shootings Have There Been In Your Australian Neighbourhood This Year?


Slate has an excellent map of gun deaths in your neighbourhood this year for the United States. We’re all about localities here at Microburbs, so we thought we would do something similar for Australia. You can see on our state by state summary, that there were no mass shootings in any state in Australia in […]

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The 10 Fools of Property Inspections. Are You One?

pablo (5)

We’ve all seen the guides on what to remember going to a property inspection. But what about the flipside, how to be a stupid buyer? There’s so much stupidity out there, we’d be remiss in not covering it. 1. Ask yourself what you enjoy more: looking for a house or living in one? You can’t […]

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Ghost suburbs: How the elderly are emptying our cities

Lonely in an empty nest...

Empty nests make for empty streets and shopping malls. When children grow up and need to move away, they leave ghost suburbs behind. The retired, and the retiring, are holding on to family homes in spite of the families who desperately need them, and ultimately in spite of themselves. A recent report by the Australian […]

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To Nab a Property Bargain, Master the Art of Reverse Feng Shui


We all know the Chinese have a large presence on the Australian property scene today. Chinese buyers snap up nearly 1 in 5 new properties in Sydney, and 1 in 7 in Melbourne, according to research by Credit Suisse. Sometimes they pay very high prices for seemingly average places, like the unremarkable house in Eastwood, […]

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